Shanghai Chongming Park Registration Company
Shanghai Chongming Park Company Registration
Shanghai Chongming Park Company Registration

time:2019-11-27 16:17:19

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Shanghai is a first tier city. Many entrepreneurs want to register in Shanghai. In Shanghai, the preferential tax policies are different in different districts. For entrepreneurs, the more preferential the tax, the better. Chongming is a good place for tax preference. Today, Shanghai Yushang editor came to talk about the benefits of company registration in Chongming Chongming is an island surrounded by the sea. Its geographical location determines its unlimited development in the future. Because the only thing that hasn't been developed in Shanghai is Chongming, Chongming has issued a series of preferential policies to attract entrepreneurs to Chongming I. preferential policies of Chongming: 1. 60% of the corporate income tax is taken by the state, only 40% by the local government.

The Shanghai municipal government leaves 100% of the corporate income tax to Chongming Island. As for the return of corporate income tax, Shanghai Chongming can generally return to 16-18% of the business tax paid in practice; 2. Of the value-added tax, 75% is attributed to the national finance and 25% to the local finance. The Shanghai municipal government leaves 25% of the value-added tax paid by the enterprises to Chongming Island. For companies registered in Chongming Island, the value-added tax rebate is generally 7-9%; 3. For companies registered in Chongming Island, they can enjoy the high tax rebate policy given by Chongming local government, and the general business tax can be returned to the enterprise by 40-45% 2. The advantages of Shanghai Chongming registered company: 1. In Shanghai, only Chongming is an island, which has a unique advantage. Shanghai will charge less commission for Chongming, so the tax revenue returned by Chongming to the enterprise is also very strong, which can save a lot of costs for the enterprise with high annual tax payment; 2. Shanghai Chongming registered company, if it does not With registered address, Chongming can provide virtual address, without any fees and high tax return, and there is no time limit for these addresses; 3. In order to encourage Chongming to develop better, Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau does not charge any fees, and all of them are assigned to Chongming local government. Such high amount of local financial and tax policy support is fundamental in other districts of Shanghai There is no comparability; 4. Chongming Park launched the establishment of an office in the urban area, almost all matters can be handed over to the office for handling, and they will go to get the corresponding information after they have done it.

3. The steps needed for Shanghai Chongming to register the company: 1. To check the name of the company, you can provide more company names and increase the passing rate of the name; 2. Each shareholder of the company signs the articles of association and the resolution of the shareholders' meeting; 3. To handle the industrial and commercial registration; 4. To engrave the seal, the company's official seal, financial seal, legal person seal, etc.; 5. To handle the registration of the organization code; 6. To handle the tax registration; 7. Other required processes 4. Materials required for the registration of Shanghai Chongming company: 1. Original and photocopy of ID card of legal person and shareholder; 2. Company name; 3. Business scope of the company; 4. Registered capital of the company; 5. Contribution proportion of each shareholder of the company; 6. House lease contract and house lease agreement of registered address must be commercial house; 7. Work license of financial personnel and original and photocopy of ID card; 8 Materials required for his registration.


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